Individualized Tailoring of Hypolipidemic Pharmacological Treatment


  • Stylianos Tzeis
  • Ioannis Pyrros
  • George Andrikopoulos
  • Kostas Kappos
  • Antonis S. Manolis



dyslipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, lipid-lowering, treatment, statins, ezetimibe, fibrates, lipoproteins, coronary artery disease


The validation of the lipid hypothesis, which pertains to the relationship between dyslipidemia and atherogenesis, has established the central role of hypolipidemic treatment in the frontline of primary and secondary prevention of coronary artery disease. However, the complexity of the lipoprotein disorders, which are usually associated with more than one biochemical abnormalities, and the availability of several hypolipidemic agents in the existing therapeutic armamentarium with combined beneficial effects of variable intensity on several lipoproteins, have stressed the need for the development and implementation of easily applicable therapeutic algorithms which will enable the individualized tailoring of hypolipidemic management with maximal efficiency and safety. One such algorithm of individualized tailoring of hypolipidemic therapy is being proposed in this brief overview.




Cardiology Update 2006