Hartmann’s Procedure for Left Side Large Bowel Emergencies


  • Christos Bartsokas Hippokratio General Hospital
  • Panagiota Koukoutsidi
  • Sotirios Voulgaris
  • Vasileios Kalliakmanis Agrinio General Hospital


Background: Colonic emergency situations which need an intervention in emergency are quite common, especially in the left side of the abdomen. The aim of this study is to investigate the importance of Hartmann’s procedure, which has been used for years in such cases.

Method: One hundred and fifty-six cases which underwent Hartmann’s procedure due to a left side emergency, either malignant or benign, during over a 15-year period.

Results: One hundred and fifty-six patients met the inclusion criteria in the final analysis. Fifty one point nine percent were operated due to malignancy, most of them at an advanced stage (65,4%). Half of them were treated for colonic perforation.

Conclusion: Left sided large bowel emergencies are mainly caused by complicated cancer and diverticulitis of the left colon. Hartmann’s procedure remains a safe, simple and fast operation with an acceptable percentage of morbidity and mortality. Also, it continues to play a vital role in elderly and severely ill patients.