Acute post cardiac injury syndrome occurring immediately after a demanding percutaneous coronary intervention.

  • Gerasimos Gavrielatos
  • George Michas
  • Konstantinos Grigoriou
  • Athanasios Trikas


Postcardiac injury syndrome (PCIS) occurs as a complication of myocardial infarction (Dressler's syndrome), of cardiac surgery (post-pericardiotomy syndrome), or post-traumatic (either iatrogenic or non-iatrogenic) and involves a pericardial or myocardial injury. There is scarce data regarding occurrence and pathogenesis of PCIS after invasive procedures. Herein, we describe a unique case of acute PCIS with typical clinical, laboratory, echocardiographic findings that occurred one hour after a demanding multi-stenting percutaneous coronary intervention. Possible pathogenetic mechanisms and treatment options are being discussed.

Case Report